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Sydney Cooke

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Age:  29
USCF:  Cat 4
Hometown:  Wake Forest, NC
Current:  Chapel Hill, NC
Profession:  RN at Duke Raleigh as of UNC graduation date 5/2010

Sydney first got on a road bike in June 2007 and has been riding recreationally since. While she has not yet raced, she plans to compete in the 2010 season. She looks forward to participating in the team’s upcoming workshops and clinics so she can fine tune her skills for the upcoming season.

While new to cycling, Sydney is no stranger to competing in women’s athletics, which includes soccer, tennis, softball, and basketball. Being a vegetarian, she’s interested in learning more about proper nutrition in relation to competitive training. Sydney will be graduating in May of 2010 and will be able to answer the question "is there life after nursing school?". For now, it is hard to say.

2010 UPDATE:

Sydney raced to 4th in her first ever criterium: Charleston's I'On village VW Smackdown on April 17th.  The next day at Hampton Park, Syd took a flyer into the last lap, followed by a near last place finish- learning a valuable lesson early in her career.  Hey- everyone has to try it once!  Great work Syd!  Look for her addiction to racing to take hold in regional NC races, in between nursing shifts.

Career Highlights:

Hospitalized in her first week of riding  -- for being hardcore