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Meet the Development Riders of PARcycles Racing

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Sydney Cooke

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Age:  29
USCF:  Cat 4
Hometown:  Wake Forest, NC
Current:  Chapel Hill, NC
Profession:  RN at Duke Raleigh as of UNC graduation date 5/2010

Sydney first got on a road bike in June 2007 and has been riding recreationally since. While she has not yet raced, she plans to compete in the 2010 season. She looks forward to participating in the team’s upcoming workshops and clinics so she can fine tune her skills for the upcoming season.

While new to cycling, Sydney is no stranger to competing in women’s athletics, which includes soccer, tennis, softball, and basketball. Being a vegetarian, she’s interested in learning more about proper nutrition in relation to competitive training. Sydney will be graduating in May of 2010 and will be able to answer the question "is there life after nursing school?". For now, it is hard to say.

2010 UPDATE:

Sydney raced to 4th in her first ever criterium: Charleston's I'On village VW Smackdown on April 17th.  The next day at Hampton Park, Syd took a flyer into the last lap, followed by a near last place finish- learning a valuable lesson early in her career.  Hey- everyone has to try it once!  Great work Syd!  Look for her addiction to racing to take hold in regional NC races, in between nursing shifts.

Career Highlights:

Hospitalized in her first week of riding  -- for being hardcore


Laura Seay

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Age:  You can ask her
Hometown:  Inman, SC
Current:  Chapel Hill, NC
Profession:  Executive at a Large Corporation

Laura doesn't officially race, but don't let that you lull you into thinking you can pass her easily.    The mountain bike is her preferred vehicle, but seriously long climbs on the road showcase her real expertise: suffering.  What she lacks in sprinting, she makes up for in crafty drafting and tenacity. Oh, and she happens to be the President of this outfit.






2009 Highlights:
2nd Huck A Buck Mountain bike race (Cat 2, first Mountain bike race -- only Evie beat her)

Career Highlights:

Broke her ankle in Chapel Hill trails while riding by herself.  Rode out on one leg, "walked" on it for eight days before deciding that medical intervention was necessary. 

Erica Chard


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Age: 28
Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI
Current: Asheville, NC
Profession: Production Control Manager at Kearfott Guidance & Navigation

Erica started cycling in July 2007 and began racing in February 2008.  She enjoys fixed gear racing, criteriums, time trials, and centuries.  Erica also began mountain biking in 2009.

Erica has been involved in sports her entire life, with a background that includes gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, softball and basketball. Currently, in addition to cycling, Erica enjoys doing yoga, pilates, and weight training to stay fit.  For fun, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family.

2009 Highlights:
2nd 2009 Southeastern Women's Series (Cat 4)
2nd Charlotte Short Track MTB Race
2nd Bent Creek Suburban Assault MTB Series 2.0
1st Ring of Fire Crit Series
2nd Oak Ridge Velo Omnium
2nd Gwinnett Bike Fest Omnium
1st Tour of Possum Creek Omnium
3rd NC State Games Crit
3rd Asheville Time Trial Series
2nd Team 12 Hours of Tsali
1st Rock Hill Bicycle Races Crit

2008 Highlights:
1st Ring of Fire Crit Series
1st NC State Track Championship - Women's 12k Points Race
1st NC State Track Championship - Women's Team Pursuit  
 2nd Velosports Time Trial Series
4th Greenville Spring Training Series - Donaldson Center RR

Corinne Crites

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Age: 40
Hometown: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Current: Atlanta, Georgia
Profession: Senior Regional Merchandise Manager - kate spade



Career Highlights:

US Rowing Masters National Championship 2004 Mixed 8+ - Silver

Collegiate/Masters Rower - Stroke: University of Texas at Austin, Austin Rowing Club, Atlanta Rowing Club

Georgia Boswell

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Age: 76
USCF: in the works
Hometown: Joliet, IL
Current: Sun City Hilton Head, SC
Georgia is no stranger to staying young.  She can be quoted as saying emphatically, "Fight old age.  You just have to fight it!"  At 77 she is 6 years running the Sun City and Bluffton Senior Games gold medalist in the 10 mile time trial, triathlon, 5k walk and numerous other activities.  She enjoys power yoga and tennis as part of her cross training regimen. She credits having 6 children (her youngest is Evie Boswell-Vilt),  13 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren as proof that she can thrive under the most challenging circumstances ;-)  Look for her at USA Master’s Nationals in 2010… on her “speedy little racin’ bike;” a Scattante she got for mother’s day in 2007!



2009 Highlights:
1st  Sun City Challenge 10 k Time Trial
1st Senior Bluffton Games 10k Time Trial

2008 Highlights:

1st  Sun City Challenge 10 k Time Trial
1st Senior Bluffton Games 10k Time Trial
Career Highlights:
Bringing fashion, flair and *bling* to everything she does!

Shannon Parrish


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Hometown: West Palm Beach, Fla
Current: Decatur, GA
Profession: Full-time student

Shannon served in the US Army as a combat medic; however after losing a bet in spades she found herself at the starting line of a triathlon event, little did she know she would fall in love with that sport. She has placed in several olympic-distant triathlons and half-ironman events. She has also qualified for Age-Group Nationals and competed in Ironman AZ 2008. 

Racing for roughly six years in triathlons she sought out to find a new love and that's when she found herself at the Athens Twlight event.The new love began and the rest will write itself...

2009 Highlights:
4th French Broad Cycling Classic (Omnium)
1st Gwinnett Bike Fest (Crit)
5th Gwinnett Bike Fest (Road)
7th Dog Days of summer (Crit)

Career Highlights:
2nd place Half Ironman Nationals
6th place overall SC Half Ironman
3rd place Rock n Roll Half Ironman
7th place Duke Half Ironman
1st place co-ed team NG Adventure Race
5th place out of 25 (Team Flip Flop) 211 miles Blue Ridge Relay
Completing Ironman AZ 2008
13th New Orleans Half Ironman
12th Gulf Coast Half Ironman
Silver at SIRA rowing women's 4 (Bow Seat)
Erg Record at GSU

Nancy Garfield

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Age: 41
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Current: Atlanta, GA
Profession: Psychotherapist

Nancy is relatively new on the cycling scene coming from a running, skating background. This will be her first year racing.  With her endless energy, a little direction, and who knows what she will do on the bike. Of course she is recovering from shoulder surgery following an accident in April 2009 but there are high hopes for this newcomer who loves nothing more than to be moving!

















Amy Alexander

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Age: 33
USCF: Category 4
Hometown: Hickory, NC
Current Home: Valdese, NC
Profession: Middle School Band Director
Amy began cycling recreationally in the spring of 2008.  Her interest in racing began October 2008 after entering her first time trial.  After competing in running, multisport, and time trial events, she began competing in mass-start road events.  Amy comes from a running background and competed in track and field, cross-country, and basketball in high school, and she continues to enjoy running as cross-training.  Amy has a degree in music education from Appalachian State University and is the director of bands at East Alexander Middle School in Hiddenite.
2009 Results:
Lowes Time Trial Series #1, 2nd female 30-34
Beech Mountain Beest Time Trial, 3rd female age group
Lowes Time Trial Series #4, 1st female 30-34
Lowes Time Trial Series #5, 1st female 30-34
Asheville Time Trial Series #4, 2nd overall female
Ring of Fire 9/2/09, 3rd place women C
Dylan Mitchell Memorial Criterium, 3rd place women Cat 4
Lowes Time Trial Series #6, 3rd female 30-34
SC State Road Race Championship, 21st women Cat 4
Carolina Cup, 14th women Cat 4
Valdese Triathlon, 4th female 30-34
Lenoir Triathlon, 1st female 30-34
2008 Results:
Lowes Time Trial #6, 2nd female 30-34
Speedway Children's Charities 20k Time Trial, 1st female 30-34


Career Highlights:
Lowes Time Trial Series 2009 Series Champion, female 30-34
Brookwood Church Criterium, 1st place women Cat 4
May Day Biathlon, 1st female 30-34




Colleen Pirozzi


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Age: 38
USCF: Category 4
Hometown: Somers Point, NJ
Cary, NC
Profession:  Family Wrangler

Colleen discovered cycling the time-honored way -- trying her first triathlon.   After learning to ride a bike again as an adult, she quickly found her way to the front of the placings. 





2010 Highlights:

8th, NCCX Race #1 (first cross race)

7th Overall, Ramblin Rose Triathlon, (5th out of 510 on bike)

23rd overall, Smile Train Triathlon, 6th in age group (first triathlon)



Daniela Husarik

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Coming soon


xth Race X 


xth Race X


Career Highlights: